Creating monitoring dashboards with key performance indicators of your business. You will always be informed about the company's status thanks to daily data updates

ASPEX's specialization - Gold Data Platform and Gold Data Analytics, includes the utilization of big data and analytics on a powerful, fast, secure, and industry-recognized platform, Microsoft PowerBI
Order a free express audit, and we will demonstrate all the possibilities of implementing analytics in your business
  • Create monitoring dashboards for any indicators of your company
    We develop dashboards tailored to the specifics of your business. We implement Plan-Fact analysis, Budgeting, KPIs, and OKRs
  • Create monitoring dashboards for any metrics of your company
    We develop dashboards tailored to the specifics of your business. We implement Plan-Fact analysis, Budgeting, KPIs, and OKRs
  • Implementation of forecasting
    Based on both historical data and market trends

Projects are handled by Microsoft certified analysts who continuously enhance their skills. We love and excel at solving complex business challenges
If creating reports involves complex calculations that consume a lot of time and effort every month

If you want to make timely and informed management decisions based on data

We will help you consolidate key company metrics in a clear and automated visual report. And we will create a system that provides real-time business indicators on an hourly basis

Anna Ponomarenko / Business Analyst

Examples of projects that we have successfully implemented

Since 2014, we have successfully completed over 320 projects, each of which is like a "child" to us that we love dearly
By becoming a client of ASPEX, you will gain a strong and engaged partner who will not only share accumulated expertise but also help to realize the boldest and most complex projects in the fields of architecture, data processing, and data analysis!
Lukoil Belarus
We have developed and automated management reporting for top management. We optimized data collection.
Collection of Interesting Case Studies
We have gathered our interesting case studies showcasing implemented dashboards for you.
Forte Bank
We have developed marketing analytics: sales funnel, customer analytics, portfolio analytics for individuals, sales analytics by branches, etc.
Strana Development
We have implemented end-to-end Power BI analytics, deployed a dashboard, and automated the CRM system.

How we do it

We will conduct a business process audit
we will identify problem areas and opportunities for optimization through the implementation of analytics
We will gather requirements
We will collect requirements from the future users of the reports system to create user-friendly dashboards for decision-making
We will create a Technical Specification and a prototype
in this way, the client will understand what they will receive as a result
Connecting data sources and creating reports
it will be carried out by our specialists
Employee training
it includes written and video instructions on how to use the dashboards correctly, their functionality, and other nuances


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