In each implemented project we invest not only our soul, emotions, but also the desire to do something new, unique and aesthetically pleasing
For 7 years we have completed 370+ projects
Thanks to its experience, out of 2,600 partners around the world, ASPEX became the Partner of the Year 2018 Microsoft Kazakhstan, and is also a Gold and Silver partner in several Microsoft competencies
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Our competencies
Создание дашбордов
Консалтинг и BI-стратегия
ASPEX provides extensive experience in all areas of BI infrastructure development - from data warehouse architecture development and ETL process configuration to CPU automation and the creation of a comprehensive cloud analytics infrastructure in PowerBI and AZURE, Machine Learning.
In partnership with Avitim, GreetGo, KazDreams, IIKBTU, Competence Center (Russia), ServiceYou (Uzbekistan) – we have assembled a team of the strongest specialists in our field, which allows us to quickly mobilize an expanded team for the project and implement the most complex tasks in a short time.
All our specialists are on the staff of the company. Most have Microsoft certificates. We have enough competencies, knowledge and experience to implement projects at the highest level (even if at first glance they seem impossible).
By becoming an ASPEX client, you will find a strong and involved partner who will not only share the accumulated experience, but also help to implement the most daring and complex projects in the field of architecture, data processing and analysis!
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Our projects
Our main priority is to make the work so that the result of our labors is understandable and applicable to users.
There are several projects that we are particularly proud of
Production performance and losses (FMCG)
The dashboard allows managers to monitor the KPI indicator for production facilities in each city.
Unlike tabular methods of analytics, the dashboard makes it possible to obtain a comparative characteristic of cities and the period of production.
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Call Center Analytics
The entire call center is in your hands. Even from your phone, you can monitor the work of the entire call processing department.
The interactive interface allows you to see the load by city, day, category, view all the performance indicators of the call center. At the same time, it remains possible to record data on individual types of calls, processing groups and periods.
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Marketing Activity Analytics
and Budget Optimization
On the dashboard, the employee receives all reporting information on key marketing metrics. And managers no longer need to dive into third-party programs and build connections manually in Excel or other programs to calculate the effectiveness of the marketing department.
In addition to the marketing report, there is a dashboard designed to calculate the optimization of the marketing budget.
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Kazakhstan Statistics-Analytics for 26 years
A social project of our team for Kazakhstani entrepreneurs. The report contains analytics from about 1200 Excel files.
Entrepreneurs can get important economic data in the sections they need in a matter of minutes from any device. Also, in addition to indicators, to see the dynamics of the development of a particular industry.
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Dynamic analytics on the Insurance market of Kazakhstan
The dashboard is a source of consolidated information on the main financial and economic indicators of both the entire insurance market of Kazakhstan and its individual components by choice.
The report was designed based on the analysis of 33 companies over 3 years on a huge amount of data from the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan in comparison with each other and with the volume of the market as a whole.
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Automated Management Financial Reporting (MFR)
Financial reports are not necessarily dozens of tables with thousands of rows in each of them. Thanks to the consolidated report in the form of a dashboard, managers can receive up-to-date information about financial indicators at any time.
The report also allows you to view up-to-date information on all indicators regarding a specifically selected type of product.
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Audit and detection of Anomalies in the DDS
Audit of anomalies on unclosed
accounts in the accounting subsystem from 1C for a holding of 18 companies.
The economic effect of using the algorithm paid off the implementation of the business intelligence system for the first day of its application at the first check.
With a single mouse click, an accountant during an audit can see deviations from the normal model of financial accounting. Previously, such detection took months of work.
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Analytics for HR department
Easy access to the real state of affairs, gives more chances to make the right important strategic decisions within the company.
Thus, the department will respond quickly to changes in the indicators of staff turnover, staff training and payroll.
It is impossible to fully control the HR department based on reports in the form of endless tables, template diagrams and documents.
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Analytics in Logistics
On one dashboard you can see all the information about your orders and deliveries. All important updated indicators are always at hand for decisive and quick action.
The report is fully automated, which makes the data not only relevant, but also reliable. Controlling logistics with objective figures makes it as efficient and optimized as possible.
In addition, you can control the entire process from any device and from anywhere in the world.
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Comprehensive PnL + Factor analysis for a manufacturing FMCG company
You can view all the data separately by cities, products, sizes and periods. This does not require additional calculations and working hours of your analyst or economic department.
The manager, investors and founders have access to the reports at any time, as the reports are updated automatically daily.
In 9 different dashboards, different types of P&L reports and KPIs are collected using factor analysis.
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Inventory analysis
Huge arrays of warehouse activity data, enclosed in several tens and hundreds of tabular reports of various departments of the company, fit into several dashboards.
Change filters, settings, categories and look at the data in dynamics instantly, without waiting for separate reports for this.
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Sales Analysis, trends, ABC analysis and 12 more sheets with trade analytics
Conduct your own assessment based on real data without the need to request a special report from a specialist, at any time.
End-to-end analytics of your trade, implemented in 13 dashboards, and not in hundreds of tables with data without interactive sorting.
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